A Horse Park for Everyone ~ Horse not required to enjoy
It is exciting to develop a place where riders of all disciplines from throughout our area can get information and read features on that important part of our lives - horses! Major news is that development of the Horse Park continues and you can be part of this exciting project!

Conveniently located, 1172 Cape George Road in Port Townsend, the heart of Jefferson County on the Olympic Peninsula, the Horse Park enables access to equestrian sports for children and adults who wouldn't otherwise be able to ride. It will also be a public park that is also open to bicyclists, dog-walkers, & hikers.

With several work parties under our belt the horse park is looking wonderful - big changes! Come and check it out, ride the trails that have had some fantastic grooming and maintenance. It's a lovely ride.

UPDATE: Our CUP (Conditional Use Permit) is now being reviewed. Notice has been placed on the property and in the newspaper as well as letters sent to property owners nearby for comments. The county has a specific timeframe in which to process and approve, we are waiting for the decision to move ahead.

This is the most important permit for the use of the property. Once we have that in hand we will be planning the next step which will be the actual development of the property. Yes, more permits and more money will be needed, but we will be on the property! We are continuing to do our best to push along the process, but it will require money to pay the permitting fees and associated costs in developing the property. Please join or renew your membership, every single penny counts, every single membership helps!

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The Year of the Horse.....Park!

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Jefferson Cty Equestrian Event Center

A special thanks to Carolyn Guske for creating this fabulous rendering of the horse park. Thank you Graham Simons for the original photography & Summer Martell for flying Graham over the Horse Park to take the photos.


Who will Benefit?
Equestrian and non-equestrian people alike will all benefit if the vision for the Horse Park is realized. The local community and beyond will enjoy a conveniently located, high quality, multi-use equestrian facility for recreation, training and competition. Charity groups will benefit from a choice location for their events and programs, and residents of Jefferson County and the Olympic Peninsula will take pleasure in the magnificent beauty of the land and in the knowledge that it is well cared for and preserved for equestrian use.

Dedicated to building a world-class horse park on the Olympic Peninsula - a legacy for generations to come